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Medieval Decor - Dragon Statue

Standing Red Dragon 6.5FT

Dragon Statue 6.5FT
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Name: Dragon Statue 6.5FT
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Dragon Statue 6.5FT Dragon Statue 6.5FT Dragon Statue 6.5FT

Legendary Creatures - Standing Red Dragon 6.5FT

Large Red Dragon Statue from our Legendary Creatures and Medieval decor! This dragon statue features red wings, scales with hues of red, brown, and white, and a ferocious face ready to leash out a streak of fire! Great for themed events, commercial spaces, restaurants, and more.
This dragon statue is made of resin and fiberglass then meticulously hand-painted by artists.

Dimensions: 108.5"L x 52.25"W x 78.5"H
Weight: 198 lbs.


Medieval Decoration - Dragon Statues