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Dromaeosaurus - Life Size Dinosaur Statue

Dromaeosaurus - Life Size Dinosaur Statue

Life Size Dinosaur Statue
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Name: Life Size Dinosaur Statue
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Life Size Dinosaur Statue Life Size Dinosaur Statue Life Size Dinosaur Statue

Dromaeosaurus Dinosaur Statue
The Dromaeosaurus Dinosaur differs from most of its relatives in having a short, massive skull, a deep mandible, and robust teeth. The teeth tend to be more heavily worn than others suggesting that its jaws were used for crushing and tearing rather than simply slicing through flesh This life size Dinosaur Statue is part of our hand-crafted animal memorabilia replicas. The incredible details depicted on this Life Size Dinosaur Statue truly make it museum quality. It is sure to attract a crowd's attention and will make a wonderful conversation piece. This Large Dino Statue will add playfulness and unique style to your commercial or home decor. He has his mouth open wide drawing you to come in a take a closer look at all those teeth! This Dromaeosaurus replica is made from a cast resin mold mixed with fiberglass and then hand painted to the highest detail giving it a wonderful glow. Suitable for indoor or outdoor theme displays. (If displaying outdoors, we recommend a thin coat of polyurethane as needed to protect from weathering.)

Dimensions: 134.75"L x 53.75"W x 63.75"H


Dinosaur - Life Size Dinosaur Statue