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Minmi - Dinosaur Replica

Minmi Ankylosaurian Dinosaur Statue

Minmi Dinosaur Statue
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Name: Minmi Dinosaur Statue
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Minmi Dinosaur Statue Minmi Dinosaur Statue Minmi Dinosaur Statue

Minmi Ankylosaurian Dinosaur Statue

The Minmi Dinosaur was named after Minmi Crossing, Australia were it was found. The Minmi lived in the early Cretaceous period. It is characterized by it's long legs, the hind legs being larger than the front, a short neck, and wide skull. Also known to have body armour, or bony protrusions, along the head, back, abdomen, legs, and tail. This herbivorous dinosaur was a slow traveler.

This dinosaur replica is made of a resin mold mixed with fiberglass, then hand painted the the highest detail. A great addition to any park, commercial establishment, restaurant, themed event, home, and more!

Dimensions: 88.75"L x 25.25"W x 31.5"H
Weight: 38.6 lbs


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