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Decorative Carousel Birdcage

Decorative Carousel Birdcage
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Name: Decorative Carousel Birdcage
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Decorative Carousel Birdcage

Carousal Victorian style birdcage. This beautiful antique style bird  cage was designed with a resin base, hand-painted with antique gold and red finish.  Little mirrors and ornate carving enhance the lively effect and articulate the cheerful Big Top ambience. Cage's wonderful colors, first-class workmanship and stout materials make it a long-lasting and popular piece. This cage is completely safe for all birds!   It has metal bars to add girth and stature.  The elegant horses and made of resin.  It is fully functional equipped with a wooden swing.  Although this bird cage can be used to hold live birds, it does not come with built-in food and water compartments nor a removable base. The average spacing between the weathered style metal bars is 5/8 in.   This magnificent light weight treasure, will add decorative delight to any living space.